Construction Update May 24th, 2016

The project is making good progress again.  The concrete work last week went without a hitch and they did a great job.  The floors were being prepped and grinded in the west end and isolation.  The rubber flooring was being rolled out to go into place.  They did find a small issue with the rolled product, which shouldn’t be a major problem, but we will have more information tomorrow (if there is going to be an issue with the floor, it’s going to happen).  The HVAC system upstairs should be fully installed today and the wall separating the heating/cooling systems from the rest of storage.  The siding is done on the entry and isolation.  Sheet metal work should be starting tomorrow and hopefully painting the week after that.  We planted a few more plants and are going to be adding many more.  We are looking at turf options for the isolation walking area and will hopefully have that installed soon.  Once the floors are resolved and complete is when everything should be really moving towards the finish line.  Without further ado, the pictures arrive.  The anticipated move in date is still June 21st.

Japanese Maple and Azalia (Mother’s Day present!)

Entry viewed from isolation

Stucco patching

HVAC ducting


Wall with Doorway/HVAC

Wall and HVAC

Siding on Isolation

Siding on Isolation Ward

Crab Apple Tree

Entry with Siding and Stonework

Stonework by Entry

Sprinkler Controls

Concrete Pour

Reception Concrete Pour

Concrete Pour

Concrete Pour

Concrete Pour

Concrete Pour

Concrete Pourback

Wall/HVAC Installation

Concrete Pour Back

Wall installation/Storage HVAC