Construction Update May 3rd, 2016

It’s time again for the weekly update!  The treatment area floors (the east end of the building) has finished with moisture mitigation and sealing.  The lighting in reception and the exam rooms in in place and the LEDs look great.  The reception and the west end of the building is undergoing floor prep and will have moisture mitigation done by the end of the week.  The cabinets and treatment tables are being installed in the treatment area and are looking great.  Most of the exterior doors are in place now and the exterior windows are almost all in at this point.  Coming together bit by bit.  Enjoy week 2 of the flooring and cabinetry tango.

Isolation Entry/Windows


Treatment Towers with treatment table (top to come)

Charting Area

Treatment Towers Cabinetry

Main Treatment Cabinetry and paint

Isolation Run and Window

Dog Runs

Isolation Yard Exterior Yard

Back Exterior Door

Surgery Prep with Window


Surgery Prep/Treatment Cabinetry

Treatment Towers Cabinetry

Pharmacy Cabinetry

Charting Area

Surgery Windows



Storage Closet

Vestibule Window Framing

Exterior Door to Isolation Entry

Isolation Window

Reception Lighting

Dr. Office – Light and Paint

Office – New Light Installation

Reception Floor Grinding

Galley Kitchen Cabinets

Heating Ducts Painted

Main Treatment Painted and Cabinetry

Back Treatment Window

Exterior Treatment Windows