Stray Animals

If you find a stray animal, please call us to file a report. If you would like to have the animal scanned for a microchip, we would be happy to assist you. Unfortunately, we are unable to hold stray animals that are not injured, as our hospital must keep all available space devoted to pets that are in our care. Please visit our Links page for websites and telephone numbers that may assist you in returning the animal to its proper home. Remember, the best way for an owner and pet to reunite is to take the animal to your local shelter.

If the stray animal is injured, please transport the animal to our hospital only if you can do so safely. The most well-mannered animals may bite if injured or afraid. Once the animal is here, the doctor will decide on the best course of action for the well-being of the animal.

We are happy to accepts strays, lost pets and wildlife from any location, but the following emergency clinics may be closer or more convenient for you.

Lost and Found Pets

  • Remember that the best way for an owner and their pet to be reunited is to take the animal to your local shelter.
  • If you have lost or found an animal, please call us, and we would be happy to take the information over the phone.
  • You may bring an animal to us for microchip scanning, however, we are unable to keep stray animals that are not injured. We must keep all of our available space open for hospitalized animals.
  • Please visit the Lost and Found Pet Listing at the Dove Lewis Animal Hospital’s website and post your information there
  • If you have lost a pet, after the initial area search, post fliers with as much information as you can at all area grocery stores, pet stores, and any other high-traffic facility that allows such postings. Call all local veterinary offices to report your animal missing, and ask if they allow lost & found pet fliers to be posted at their clinic. Visit your local shelters daily, to personally look for your pet.


  • Whenever possible, a wild animal should be left alone. If it is a juvenile, the mother will probably come looking for it, and a human hovering in the area may be keeping her away.
  • NEVER give a wild animal cow milk.
  • PLEASE call us for advice in any situation involving wildlife.
  • Injured wildlife may be very dangerous. Approach with extreme caution.
  • The Audubon Society of Portland rehabilitates native bird species, and makes every attempt to return the animals to the wild whenever possible. This is the best place to take a wild bird. Likewise, American Wildlife Foundation in Molalla rehabilitates many types of wildlife.
  • Under no circumstances should an injured wild animal be rehabilitated by untrained persons, and is illegal for unlicensed persons to do so. One simple mistake could cost the animal its life.